Karan Soni

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Karan Soni (Arnau) Karan Soni grew up in New Delhi, India, where he began acting and studying drama at the age of 15 at The British International School. After performing in several plays and with the support of his college counselor, Soni was accepted into University of Southern California's prestigious School of Theater, where he recently graduated with a B.A. in Theater. While in school, Soni began auditioning for film and television projects. Aside from his starring role in Safety Not Guaranteed, he has started building a variety of television credits including a TV movie for MTV titled "Worst.Prom.Ever," and guest star and co-‐star roles on "The Protector" (Lifetime), "Are You There, Chelsea?" (NBC) and Kiefer Sutherland's new FOX drama "Touch."